Monday, June 3, 2013

Pre-K Water Day!

Rylie's school had a special water day the Friday before last to kick off Summer. They brought pizza in for lunches and after had a lot of fun stuff set up. Remy and I tagged along out there to take pictures.

Happy to see me and sister!

First slide!

I think she enjoyed it!

This was all she talked about doing at water day!

Her teacher got them with the water gun!

Run! hehe

Jumping in the foam pit!

She was covered!

Looking for someone to throw a water balloon at. Sorry, kiddo! I've got a camera!

Remster was such a good sport. It was pretty hot! She had ice cold sippy of water and sunblock coated all over and she never fussed once the hour and a half we were standing around!

Her favorite!

"Swimming" in the "pool" at the end of the slide lol

One of her buddies from another class. They did dance together a year ago too. Her mommy and I took turns watching each other's little ones in the shade and running out to take pictures of our girls.

Finally Miss Beth came out and had her water gun! Rylie really wanted to get her with a water balloon.

She had a blast the entire afternoon!

Uh oh! She's got another one! I actually tried to throw it at her and the darn thing bounced off her like 10 times! It would NOT break!

She didnt want to leave, so she hopped in the foam pit again and was covered! lol Sorry kiddo, they're shutting it all down!

It was hard to leave. We kept hugging her teachers and everyone was so sad to go. Thank goodness for Facebook and Rylie promised to visit her teachers when we take Remy to her class!

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~Shelly~ said...

So cute! Love her suit!