Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mimi's Birthday!

Rylie decided since we just did a "birthday party" celebration for David, that Mimi needed one too since her birthday's right after David and they're about to leave out of town. So Saturday Mimi and Gaga came over to celebrate! (Today's her actual birthday!)

Some girls were excited to see Gaga!

And Mimi! They're both wearing their Mimi's Girl shirts! Dont think I can part with them when they outgrow them.

Mimi brought cute purses from Aunt Lana in Lubbock that the girls LOVE! Thanks Aunt Lana!

Mimi's birthday goodies

Rylie made her a card of course

This is blurry, but from Remy-lobster printed napkins and a tablecloth and red/white/blue glow sticks. We use the tablecloth and napkins when we go to the lobster pound and sit on the picnic tables in Maine and the glow sticks are for when we're at the fireworks show in Maine.

And some cute picture frames with pics of the girls while in Maine for their cottage up there. (Adirondack chairs are everywhere in Maine so this frame was perfect!)

She's also wearing a necklace that was from Rylie, along with the frames.

And some lobster serving dishes for Maine from David and I.
Are you noticing a theme? Hehe! We cant wait to get back up there in just one more week!

We had a yummy lunch of crockpot bbq chicken, mashed potatoes, veggies, rolls and ended it all with homemade blueberry shortcake!

Happy Birthday, Mimi! We love you!

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