Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Memorial Day!

We had a great Memorial Day last week!

Girls dressed all cute in patriotic and tried getting a photo of them together.

{waiting on sister to cooperate......}

Alright, she's at least in the near distance now....

Annnnnd that'll have to do! =)

Tried outside by our neighbors' flags too!

Mimi and Gaga came over for lunch and surprised the girls with the little green pool from Mimi's house!

Poor Rylie!

This little one LOVED it the whole time!!

THEN we got out the slip'n slide too!

Getting instructions from her Gaga. Look at her hand on his. So precious! My favorite picture. This needs to be framed in her room. She sure loves her Gaga!


Someone's getting sleepy!!


Jus chillin!

Taking a bow. Such a fun afternoon!

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