Monday, June 10, 2013

Library Petting Zoo Fun!

Last Monday afternoon I took Rylie to the local library's Summer kickoff. They had a petting zoo outside we stopped in first.

Then took a popcicle break!

And went inside to cool off.

She watched Nemo with the kids while I waited in line for her to do face painting

Ta-da! Butterfly wings!

Then we headed back out to the petting zoo again.

Her friend Kendall arrived too.

That goat thought the girls had food and was looking for it!

Then they really did have animal food and Kendall was telling the other goats to go to Rylie hehe

Another popcicle break!

We sat inside for awhile looking at books and visiting.

They also started the Summer Reading Program this day so I signed Rylie up. Just something fun for us to do to practice her reading before school starts!

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