Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Grandma Visit-Galleria, Disney, Rainforest Cafe

My mom drove down the Friday of Rylie's water day and stayed the weekend with us. We ordered in some YUM Chinese for dinner since David had to work late.

Remy remembered Grandma! It's been 2 mos since our last visit.

I made this yummy breakfast casserole Saturday morning. (photo's not mine) It was pretty good but I need to find biscuits that aren't jumbo! Took way longer to cook and it was double the height of the pictured one.

Then Rylie, my mom, and I headed to the Houston Galleria for a special "big girl" day! We stopped to put our names down at Rainforest Cafe first and my mom showed Rylie the penny machine.

I believe this is her first one of these? She loved it!

Then, we finally went to the Disney store! See, our big girl Rylie here has stopped sucking her thumb at bedtime!
We started this Mavala Stop in April. The first night (picture on right) was NOT easy! Took 2 hours to get her to sleep. She's never known how to fall asleep without it. But after that, she was done! I told her if she quit for a month, she could pick a new dress in the Disney Store!

She picked the new Merida one they'd just gotten in the night before! And she got the Sofia the First crown with her graduation giftcard from Grandma!

We sent Daddy some goofy pictures before lunchtime

And browsed Neiman Marcus a little. I took this picture holding a Jimmy Choo $3,000+ python purse and sent to David to give him a heart attack.

But seriously, I can think of a million better things to spend $3,000 on than a bag to hold my crap! lol No offense to you fashionistas out there! Just not my thing.

Time for Rainforest Cafe! My mom had never been!

We love it. This was mine and David's little graduation gift to Rylie.

Oh no! Thunderstorm time! Her expression cracks me up!

She had some longing eyes when she saw the balloon-artist there so I let her pick out a balloon. She wanted a rose!

I dont think her day could've gotten any better!

Grandma and Rylie

Me and my big girl

Oh wait....it can get better! Crave cupcakes! Alright!!

I had to include this cute thing. Sunday I had to put her lovey in the wash. She was NOT happy about that! Cutest drama queen!

I also made a yummy Blueberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake Sunday morning from my Southern Living cookbook. Rylie especially loved it! I didnt take a picture of the book recipe but here's one almost identical (and source of photo)!

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