Sunday, June 23, 2013

Father's Day

This past week has been crazy busy! But last Sunday we had a great, relaxing Father's Day. David had to work that morning so the girls and I made a special card for him while he was out.

Rylie was so excited to show him when he got home!

I swear she picked out the "I love Mommy" shirt to wear! Ha!

Rylie and Remy's masterpiece.

A scan of it. Took 3 tries to get Remy's handprint right lol

David and his girls!

Take 2

Take 3. That'll do  =)

Then we headed out to David's dad's house for the day. This is a picture of David and his dad and David's holding an old swimsuit he wore as a kid that we found at his dad's house.

David and his dad
I forgot to get my camera out until we were about to leave =(

Happy Father's Day David and all you other dads out there!

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