Friday, June 7, 2013

1st Summer Swim & Sno Cone

We took the girls for their first swim this past Saturday in our community pool!

Rylie was beyond excited! (and stylin in her new suit!)

Remy and Daddy headin to the slide first!

She didnt know what to think of all this....

David took Remy down the big slide with him. Poor Remy! (she loved it tho!)

Water break during adult swim

My goggle girl!

Didnt realize I'd gotten some sun until the next day but I see the red in this photo!

It was a fun Sat afternoon. LOT of work with these 2 girls. Dont know if I'll be able to take them by myself this Summer. Remy kept wanting to run into the deep end and didnt want to be held or sit in her floaty. She loved the shallow kiddie side but Rylie wanted to be in the deep side with her floaty. It was exhausting!!

A lady at the pool told us about a new sno cone place in Atascocita so we dressed and ran out there. Oh my, so good! The girls loved theirs too! (photo from their Fb page)  We'll definitely be stopping by again this Summer!

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