Saturday, June 29, 2013

Just Like Big Sister

The first time they just lounged on the floor watching tv out of the blue....

Crazy how similar the dates are AND they're both 2 months away from turning 2 when these were taken!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mimi's Birthday!

Rylie decided since we just did a "birthday party" celebration for David, that Mimi needed one too since her birthday's right after David and they're about to leave out of town. So Saturday Mimi and Gaga came over to celebrate! (Today's her actual birthday!)

Some girls were excited to see Gaga!

And Mimi! They're both wearing their Mimi's Girl shirts! Dont think I can part with them when they outgrow them.

Mimi brought cute purses from Aunt Lana in Lubbock that the girls LOVE! Thanks Aunt Lana!

Mimi's birthday goodies

Rylie made her a card of course

This is blurry, but from Remy-lobster printed napkins and a tablecloth and red/white/blue glow sticks. We use the tablecloth and napkins when we go to the lobster pound and sit on the picnic tables in Maine and the glow sticks are for when we're at the fireworks show in Maine.

And some cute picture frames with pics of the girls while in Maine for their cottage up there. (Adirondack chairs are everywhere in Maine so this frame was perfect!)

She's also wearing a necklace that was from Rylie, along with the frames.

And some lobster serving dishes for Maine from David and I.
Are you noticing a theme? Hehe! We cant wait to get back up there in just one more week!

We had a yummy lunch of crockpot bbq chicken, mashed potatoes, veggies, rolls and ended it all with homemade blueberry shortcake!

Happy Birthday, Mimi! We love you!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Week of VBS #1 and more...

We had a really fun, crazy busy week last week!

Rylie did her 1st VBS this Summer and the theme was Colossal Coaster.

Day 1 of VBS with her friends Kendall and Savannah

Remy and I had a MOPS leadership training and then played on the playground to kill time before picking up Rylie.

Day 2 of VBS Rylie brought canned goods to donate to the food pantry

Remy had her 2nd day of MDO (and had a harder time at nap), Rylie and I had a big girls lunch before picking up Remy. That afternoon they played in the rain with our neighbors.

Day 3 of VBS Rylie brought hygiene items to donate for the homeless
(Remy and I had a breakfast date with friends but I forgot to take pictures)

Day 4 of VBS Rylie brought some monetary donations. Remy and I had Bible Study then played a little before picking up Rylie.

That night was VBS family night and the kids sang a few songs!

My favorite picture!

Last day of VBS They slimed some teachers at the end and Rylie was thrilled to see that!

Rylie had such a blast and loved this VBS! 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Father's Day

This past week has been crazy busy! But last Sunday we had a great, relaxing Father's Day. David had to work that morning so the girls and I made a special card for him while he was out.

Rylie was so excited to show him when he got home!

I swear she picked out the "I love Mommy" shirt to wear! Ha!

Rylie and Remy's masterpiece.

A scan of it. Took 3 tries to get Remy's handprint right lol

David and his girls!

Take 2

Take 3. That'll do  =)

Then we headed out to David's dad's house for the day. This is a picture of David and his dad and David's holding an old swimsuit he wore as a kid that we found at his dad's house.

David and his dad
I forgot to get my camera out until we were about to leave =(

Happy Father's Day David and all you other dads out there!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Random Summer Fun

Aside from Remy starting MDO, here's what else we've been up to the past week or so.

Friday, June 7 the girls just looked so cute dolled up

Stealing sister's bracelet

Rylie spent the night at Mimi's and finally lost her 5th tooth! It'd been hanging forever! So toothfairy stopped by Mimi's house that night!

Remy looked so cute Sat June 8

Sun June 9 I had a FUN lunch with some neighbor ladies to celebrate 2 of them having birthdays. It stormed outside the whole time I think and we seriously sat and talked after lunch for 4 hours!! Loved it!

Tues June 11-while Remy was at her 1st day in MDO, Rylie and I watched "Judy Moody" (again) and I finally sorted through Rylie's artwork box! Every single craft/picture/drawing she's done since she started doing them (age 2)!!

Sorted out ones that were trash, keeping ones with hand/foot prints, and took pictures of the other cute ones we love to make her an artwork book.

Then I took her to the library before picking up Remy. She's doing this reading program and finished level 1 (reading 10 books) and got a certificate and picked a new book to keep for free! We love Amelia Bedelia!

She was reading a book in the library and suddenly she said "Mommy, my tooth came out!" Tooth #6 on the bottom left!

This is video of Remy when she gets excited everytime Full House theme song comes on. Watch her at the end-hilarious!
Wed June 12

Last Thur (June 13) I started a bible study with my MOPS ladies. I was trying to get a picture of the girls in their dresses.

Best I could get. (Remy's eyes reflected my cell phone flash) I tell ya, it's WORK getting a picture these days!

That night Remy sat trying to dismantle the stairs gate while I cooked dinner. She kept saying "uh-oh-is-ok" real fast lol

And this face is why she gets away with things. Cutest lil stinker!

Here's video of Remy that night. She's started holding her hand to her face like it's a phone and she also tried climbing the stair gate!

Last Fri (June 14) we finally ventured to the Kingwood library! Remy checked out some computer games

She thought she was such big stuff =)

We came home with a load of books to keep us occupied awhile!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Remy Started MDO!

Remy started MDO last Tues, June 11!!

It wasnt easy getting pictures before we left, but I got a few cute ones.

Sneaked a picture of her eating breakfast 

Her lunch I packed-half of a turkey/cheese sandwich, goldfish crackers, apple slices and cantaloupe.

Rylie was my big helper!

Walking her baby sister into her school....the same school Rylie just graduated from last month.

Love these

Ok, so we get to the hallway outside Remy's class and Remy suddenly realizes what's going on, quickly rips her backpack off her back, turns around and bolts down the hall in huge, dramatic sobs.
It. Was. Hysterical.
She was making a break for it!

So I carried her into her class crying, she takes a look around, then stops crying. She got down and just walked around checking things out and was perfectly fine!

Thinking of the trouble she could get into, I'm sure!

She loved the rocking chairs!

(picture through viewing window)

Then Rylie and I hid in the back of chapel. See Remy in the middle??!!

Sneaking over to see her better

Why yes, I was stalker mom with my extra zoom camera lens :)

Oops, I think she saw me! hehe

She did great! She sat so still the whole time and just listened to it all.

Her teachers posted these pictures later-Remy's on the left trying to hand the kid beside her the lid to her lunch

And snacktime!

They said she even napped for about 25 min but she did great! She didnt want to leave when I picked her up!!

I gotta say, it was sooo surreal dropping Remy off and Rylie leaving with me. I just had an emotional "goodbye" at this school last month when Rylie graduated, now I'm starting over. But it's completely different because it's the "baby" building--with napmats and no carline. Feels like another life! I almost forgot to pack diapers because I wasnt used to having to with school! But so far Remy loves it and I feel so much better now that her first day went so well!