Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shake, Rattle, & Roll! Sock Hop!

I LOVE the 50's. 

I love the music, I love the clothes, I love the talk, I love the lifestyle of wife staying home and cooking/cleaning dressed in heels and pearls (because I clearly do that now, right?? ha!). I just love this decade!

So when Rylie's school emailed last week that they were doing a Sock Hop today and kids should dress up, I got so excited! But one week wasn't much of a notice to find her something. Thankfully Rylie's friend Kate had a costume from Halloween she let us borrow! (Actually we had another costume too from a mops friend but it was way too big on Rylie)

So she was all set today and naturally, I took a lot of pictures!

All dressed, ready to go!

I LOVE these glasses on her (also Kate's). Rylie loves them too so I think we need to find her some!

Doesn't she look like a natural 50's girl?? I swear I felt like I'd time-warped today!

I even curled her pony. The cuteness kills me.

Picture with the "jukebox" at school. She didnt know what a jukebox was until I briefed her on 50's lifestyle before the sock hop (and told her what a sock hop was lol).

They had cute activities set up in the gym after lunchtime. Remy and I came back to her school to watch Rylie. They had hoola hoops....


Bubble gum blowing contest! She was too excited about the gum! Her goal in life right now is to learn to make a bubble! lol So she did a lot of practicing....3 pieces of gum worth of practicing.

Rylie was just the cutest thing walking around. I swear she should wear this ensemble everyday. It looked so natural on her!



And hopscotch!

They danced too but my pictures are blurry and Rylie stopped as soon as I started recording video. She's gotten so much into this 50's Sock Hop theme lately it's now on the list of birthday theme contenders! We'll see if she still likes it in a few months!

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~Shelly~ said...

Soooo cute! I love the 50s too! I always tell Jeffrey I should've been this age in the 50s! Ahh the life! She does look like a natural! Reminds me of my 50s day in 5th grade!