Thursday, May 9, 2013

Remy & Mommy Morning

Sunday morning Remy and I had the place to ourselves. We actually often do when Rylie stays at Mimi's house Saturdays and David works at the church. I just happened to take pictures this past Sunday!

We were on a walk in the pretty weather and stopped to smell the roses!

We'd also dug out more Rylie hand-me-downs in the next size up that fit Remy now!

This is what she always does when we're going from my car to the house....runs from our detached garage to the swing!

Notice the flower she's still holding....she held it the entire walk and swinging time!

I also brought these bristle blocks out for her that Rylie LOVED when she was this age. Remy's loving them now too! 

We had a fun morning just playing around before naptime. 

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