Friday, May 3, 2013

Remembering Sarah

I want to introduce yall to an angel in heaven, Sarah Hering.

She was killed in a car accident May 3, 1996 when a horse got loose and ran into her car on her side. It was late at night. Her boyfriend was driving (and walked away with only scratches) and her parents were following in their car 2 minutes behind them. She was 17 years old and only weeks shy of graduating high school.

She had the most beautiful smile! She always lit up a room! I knew Sarah very well. We lived in Valley Mills, the tiniest town in Texas where everybody knew everyone else and she was in high school with my brother. I did cheer camp every Summer with the high school cheer squad.

 I remember at her funeral, the pastor reading her prayer journal and she had the most beautiful spirit. I remember thinking how 17 years old seemed like such a grown up (I was 10 at the time). But now looking back, she was just a baby. Not even out of high school. She did get her diploma though. Her brother accepted it for her at her ceremony while we all watched in saddened silence.

It's now 17 years to the day. She's been in heaven now as long as she was on Earth. Seems crazy to me. I think of her every year in May as kids get ready for graduation and how some kids' lives are cut short. I will never forget how precious life is and I will never forget your beautiful soul, Sarah!

"Since I know God and Jesus, when I die I'll graduate! Praise the Lord!" -Sarah Hering's prayer journal written not long before she passed.

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