Friday, May 10, 2013

Parent Brunch

Rylie's sweet school had their annual Parent Appreciation Brunch Wednesday morning. David and I both were able to attend this year and it was cute as always. 

Rylie's teachers Miss Pam and Miss Laura

Their cute spread

This sign makes me cry, I admit. They had cute mother's day and father's day gifts for the parents.

Me and my big girl

David took one with both girls. I look crazy because I was trying to keep Remy from fussing lol

David and his girls!

I *think* Remy enjoyed the brunch too! She kept swipping chicken minis from David's plate hehe

Rylie and her sweet friend Luna

My mother's day gift

Cute decorated candle she made

David and his cute decorated giftbag

The class made bbq rub for the dads! David's excited about that!

Remy and I went with Rylie to chapel after the brunch. Remy loves it just as much as Rylie and it gets her familiar with it before she starts school here in June.

Rylie's cute friend Rayann at chapel.

Just the start of the end-of-year festivities at her school!

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