Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our Remster at 20/21 months old

Oh this girl. She just kills me with her cuteness. And also with how big of a stinker she is!

But I love her so much and it only grows everyday!

She's becoming such a big girl lately. More a toddler than a baby, although we still call her "the baby" or "baby girl."

I dont know her heigh/weight right now but she's already moved into 24 mos/2t clothes just fine. She wears a size 6.5/7 shoe! And size 4 diapers (on a whim we've had to put her in Rylie's sleeping pullups and they even fit her! Ha!) She started sleeping with a big person pillow and loves it. She has a hard time staying awake past 11am. Loves napping 11am-1pm then lunch then sometimes another short nap about 4 or 5pm.

Still working on her eating completely with utensils on her own. She's such a mess, I just end up doing it myself. I really need to crack down on getting her independent on that. She loves anything! She loves eating!

She loves the water! She throws a fit when baths are over! Her new thing is stepping up Rylie's stool at her bathroom sink, turning on the faucet and just splashing around! I've caught her doing that to our master bath tub too! She loves drinking water too! A little more so than milk.

Still hates getting dressed/undressed/diaper changed. She's doing good at cleanup time and putting her toys away. LOVES baby dolls! Her favorite is the one that coo's and talks when it has the bottle or paci for it. She loves going outside! Anytime she hears the word "outside" or "bye bye" she runs to the back door!

Her vocabulary is really grown the past few months! She answers with "no" or "ok" in such a sweet tone. She still has night terrors every once in awhile. She usually calms herself down and goes right back to sleep but not too long ago she was just flipping out and I had to rock her at 1am. She gives kisses a lot more now when you ask for them. She knows more body parts too-leg, arm, hair, knee, toes, feet, belly.

She starts MDO June 11! I'm so nervous! Hope she doesnt get kicked out. HA!

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