Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day & Anniversary

Yesterday was double special in our house! In addition to Mother's Day, it was also David and mine's 6 year anniversary!

He was sweet and brought me home some chocolate covered strawberries Friday. It's one of my favorite treats that I rarely get to eat and we had them at our wedding.

Mother's Day was such a sweet day with these sweet girls! We went to church all 4 of us where Rylie goes to school. Remy played in the nursery (and possibly room she'll be in starting MDO in June). Then we had lunch at Cici's Pizza-my choice! Ha! It was quick, cheap, and not crowded! Loved it!

Then we made a few stops and came home for naps, which BOTH girls took! Yay! So I could do my nails and relax. The girls and David got me a ton of cards, a rose, and picked up breakfast yesterday too. I felt so blessed and overly spoiled, seriously! So thankful for these little princesses and David!

Happy Mother's Day to you all as well!

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~Shelly~ said...

Well, I told you Happy Mother's Day but not Happy Anniversary!! I am so glad it was a good day :) Your hair looked great in those pics, wish mine would do that! Everyone's dresses are so cute! :D Yay for naps!