Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ft Worth Weekend Part 2: The McGowan's

We headed to The McGowan's house after Caiden's birthday party and Remy went straight down for nap! Did I mention previously she freaked out at the hotel room the night before? Seriously didnt know where she was and thought we were leaving her or something so she didnt sleep well and was exhausted.

Rylie and Owen and Ethan were excited to play! They're some crazy kiddos!

Rylie riding on top of the car Ethan's driving lol

Then he got out and pushed her. Notice Rylie's also wearing Owen's clothes. I wish I'd taken a full picture of her. She looked so cute, like a little tomboy! And the reason for her wardrobe? Well, the kids decided they wanted to get in their pool and all 3 just walked out to the backyard where the grownups were completely naked. All 3 of them. Not a stitch of clothes. Hysterical! So we told them they had to wear clothes and could just splash their legs in the shallow part which they did and proceeded to get soaked naturally. So Rylie needed dry clothes to wear.

We tried a new place for dinner, Gloria's and oh my, it's a new favorite! And I just discovered we have one in Houston! Seriously cant stop thinking about their black bean dip. Soooo good!

Sunday after breakfast we all went for a walk/bike ride. Remy wore a helmet for the first time and borrowed Ethan's old bike.

Rylie borrowed Owens old bike!

The crew heading out!

Drama queen! Cracked me up! She was NOT liking the helmet (but they enforce the law up there that all kids must wear them, so we werent taking it off!)

She was too funny crying but riding the bike at the same time! She seriously stopped after 2 min though and once we got going.

We got down to "the rocks" and let the kids roam around. Tried to take a group picture too.

Such a pretty day!

David, Brian, and the big kids walked down to the water and jumped the rock bridge across while Susan, Remy, and I hung out at the benches. I wish we got that kinda weather often in Houston!

We grabbed lunch after our outting and then headed back to Houston! So glad we finally made it back up there and with all 4 of us and cant wait to visit again! Thanks again friends for having us over!

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