Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rylie's Pre-K Graduation

Rylie's little preschool had the sweetest little graduation ceremony last Wed night! I'd been dreading this day for a year.

I had to laugh....we walked in and they had a big basket of tissue packs with the ceremony bulletins!

We arrived super early. Like over an hour early to get good seats and we still weren't on the front row! But we were on the 2nd so great view of our Rylie still!

We had to keep these girls entertained while we waited!

Sweetest things

Then it was time for Rylie to checkin and the ladies got her attire on her!

Seriously looks so grown up.

She was TOO excited about graduation!

Remy hug attack! The whole night Remy kept looking for Rylie saying "Ry-die!"

They had sweet scrapbooks the teachers made with pics of Rylie this year, a graduation cookie, and precious bear with each kid's fingerprints turned into faces with their names. She slept with the bear that night and snuggles with it all the time.

Doing some thinking before the ceremony.

Quick photos with her 2 teachers! I cant even say enough great things about these ladies. SO blessed to have them this past year.

Ms. Laura and Ms. Pam 

Seriously loved this sweet class of kids. Rylie met some great friends I hope to keep in touch with this Summer! (And her friend's baby sister will be in Remy's class this Summer! Yay!)

Time to start! They walked in to a children's version of "Friends Are Friends Forever." So yeah, tears instantly started with me!

Sweet girl was front row, on the end on left. (center in this picture)

They sang some cute songs first

Whole graduating class!

"I will trust in HIM"

Then they had the mommies stand so the kids could sing a song for them.

It was "you are my sunshine." Floodgates open!
They also sang to the same tune "you are my rock, dad" for the dads. So sweet!

Then they came down and gave us a flower for moms and painted rock for dads.

I might've been losing it by This picture cracks me up with David's expression and I just couldn't hug her tight enough.

Then they lined up for diplomas! She looks so little here =(

There she goes!


Graduation class of 2013!

Family picture after (of course now my makeups all smeared from crying the past hour!)

Mimi and Gaga had surprised Rylie by coming too! She was so glad to see them and show off her school and teachers!

Rylie had been SO excited to graduate all leading up to it and then the next night she was crying in her bed because "I'm so sad that I graduated and will never go to my school again!" It really hit her after their Water Day that followed graduation and her classroom was packed up. Breaks my heart. So glad Remy will get to attend school here!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our Remster at 20/21 months old

Oh this girl. She just kills me with her cuteness. And also with how big of a stinker she is!

But I love her so much and it only grows everyday!

She's becoming such a big girl lately. More a toddler than a baby, although we still call her "the baby" or "baby girl."

I dont know her heigh/weight right now but she's already moved into 24 mos/2t clothes just fine. She wears a size 6.5/7 shoe! And size 4 diapers (on a whim we've had to put her in Rylie's sleeping pullups and they even fit her! Ha!) She started sleeping with a big person pillow and loves it. She has a hard time staying awake past 11am. Loves napping 11am-1pm then lunch then sometimes another short nap about 4 or 5pm.

Still working on her eating completely with utensils on her own. She's such a mess, I just end up doing it myself. I really need to crack down on getting her independent on that. She loves anything! She loves eating!

She loves the water! She throws a fit when baths are over! Her new thing is stepping up Rylie's stool at her bathroom sink, turning on the faucet and just splashing around! I've caught her doing that to our master bath tub too! She loves drinking water too! A little more so than milk.

Still hates getting dressed/undressed/diaper changed. She's doing good at cleanup time and putting her toys away. LOVES baby dolls! Her favorite is the one that coo's and talks when it has the bottle or paci for it. She loves going outside! Anytime she hears the word "outside" or "bye bye" she runs to the back door!

Her vocabulary is really grown the past few months! She answers with "no" or "ok" in such a sweet tone. She still has night terrors every once in awhile. She usually calms herself down and goes right back to sleep but not too long ago she was just flipping out and I had to rock her at 1am. She gives kisses a lot more now when you ask for them. She knows more body parts too-leg, arm, hair, knee, toes, feet, belly.

She starts MDO June 11! I'm so nervous! Hope she doesnt get kicked out. HA!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

No Training Wheels Practice

This was 2 weeks ago-May 15th.
David took Rylie out to ride her bike and I glanced out the window and realized she didnt have training wheels on! So I ran out to see what they were doing (and why they didnt tell me to get the camera!) and they were already coming in. So I just got these cute pictures but apparently he's started teaching her how to ride without them!

Crazy goof!

That's our Rylie!

We realized this bike doesnt have a kickstand so we put the wheels back on for now. But she keeps asking for them to be off again.

I sure wasnt ready for this!

Stop growing please!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

This is Rylie's last week in preschool ='( 

To say we're going to miss her sweet teachers is an understatement. They're seriously the best ladies and we've been so spoiled by them this past year. I really wanted to do something special for them for the end-of-the-year gift. I thought of manicure/pedicure gift certificates or massages. However, we're on a pretty tight budget. And as much as I would love to spoil them with amazing gifts (like Vera Bradley bags another mom in the class got each teacher), we just cant do expensive gifts right now. So I had to get creative. I had a budget of $10 per teacher. I wanted to get them something that didnt identify them as teachers. Because they do have lives outside of the school too. Something that they didnt already have 10 of from other students' parents. And something personal.


I started searching for diy and homemade teacher gifts and found a ton of great ideas! One stood out to me more than orange-themed gift basket with a tag that read "Orange You Glad It's Summer." Boom. Decision made. So I made a list of cute ideas for orange items to put together, including some store-bought things mixed with homemade things. And the girls and I headed to Dollar Tree and Target (luckily they're across the street from each other here!). And we found everything we needed in just a couple hours!

Here's what we ended up with and a cost breakdown (remember $10 each was our budget!)

Homemade Citrus Salt Soak {recipe here} $1.50
(I only had to buy the epsom salt for $1 at Dollar Tree and the containers were $1 for a pack of 10 at Dollar Tree. I used 4 containers and ribbon I already had)

Orange Cookies {recipe here}
(I didnt calculate the cost because I only needed to buy a few oranges for this recipe and it made a TON of cookies so I handed plates out to the ladies at the front office as well and kept some at home.)

Card and Teacher Interview {printable here} with Bookmarks  FREE! (Rylie answered some cute questions about her teachers and I included that in the card I printed and wrote for them. It was a cute personal touch and the answers made them laugh! I already had the colored paper clips and ribbon.)

Orange Tag {printable here} FREE!

Sunblock $1 each-Target travel section

Trident Citrus gum $1 for  4 packs-Dollar Tree (each basket got 2 packs)

Izze Sparkle Clementine Drink $1 each-Target (prepared meals/sandwiches section)

Coral Nailpolish $1 each-Target beauty section

Vitamin C lipbalm $0.37 each-Target beauty section

Crystal Light Energy Drink Packets $2.30 for box of 10-Target (each basket got 5 packs)

Orange-$0.69 each Target

Orange Notepads $1 each-Dollar Tree

Giftbasket to hold everything $1 each-Dollar Tree

I also bought $2 orange tissue paper at Target but I didnt include that because I only used 2 sheets and can use the rest for something else. I probably could've gone without buying this anyway.

And Rylie insisted on putting orange flowers in them too so $1 for a bouquet of fake flowers from Dollar Tree were added too!

Total spent-$20 exactly!

Here's the final result!

I could've bought some plastic giftbasket bags too but I didnt even think of them! Rylie and I made the cookies Sunday afternoon and brought the giftbaskets to her teachers yesterday. They loved them!

We also brought 2 of these cookie plates to the ladies at the front office there with these tags on them. (David happened to buy these paper plates a week ago and they matched perfectly too!)

We had fun putting these together and wanted to share the details in case anyone's looking for something unique for some special teachers in their lives!