Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Perfect Storm.....Night

Last week some storms rolled in right at bedtime! As we were tucking in Rylie, she started to hear thunder and just wouldn't go to sleep. So she hung out in bed with me for awhile. It got really loud so David checked on Remy upstairs and she was laying in her crib, awake, clenching her lovey to her face. So cute tho! So he brought her down to hang with us in mommy and daddy's bed. Remy was so funny! She was being as still as I'd ever seen her and everytime a thunder clapped, she'd look to the window real fast and say "woah" or "wow." David got a little video of the girls and I that night (please ignore me!!) and it's probably my favorite video. Rylie was being so sweet to Remy, who was scared.

The power ended up going out several times so the girls slept in our room. Rylie on her foldout sofa on the floor and Remy in her pack n play at the foot of our bed. About 1am or so Remy woke up and in the pitch black climbed out of her pack n play onto our bed and jumped on me wanting to play and poked David in the eye saying "Dadda!! Dadda!" Needless to say she was taken back up to her own room! It was such a sweet moment laying with my girls so still and just listening to the thunder when it first began. Loved it.

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