Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Remy-Big Girl Lunch

We've been working with Remy on feeding herself exclusively at meals, mostly with utensils. She's still a mess but getting better. Monday she did the chicken nuggets dipping in ketchup all on her own for the first time!

{She'd already eaten her goldfish and applesauce}

{She likes to kick her shoes off when she's eating}

{Wash it down with good 'ol milk!}

All gone!!

"Now I'll just eat my highchair straps!"

What a mess!

Happiest girl in the world! I think she loved her lunch!

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TwoFourFive said...

How cute! My daughter is just now learning to feed herself, but she's still on mushy solids. I can feel the freedom of not having to feed her coming soon!