Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Outfit Spotlight

I havent done one of these posts in a long time but I'm loving this new Spring ensemble I wore last weekend. I did a MOPS fashion show a couple weeks ago with a local boutique (Pretty Little Things Boutique in Kingwood) and she dressed me in a white tshirt and scarf and talked about ways to dress up a simple white tshirt. So I bought myself this cute scarf recently and loving this look for Spring.

White Shirt-Kohls
Jean Capris-Nine West from TJ Maxx
Rhinestone Sandals-Payless
Earrings-Pretty Little Things Boutique in Kingwood

I'm only wearing minimal makeup here but I love how the scarf and earrings make me look a little more dressy while still feeling so casual, which any mom knows is key with little ones! A scarf is easier than a necklace too if you have a baby that likes to pull on it. I've broken many a necklaces that way!

And you can mix it up with all different colors and patterns! These 4 items below are all at Target right now!

And here's a cheat sheet on 15 Ways to Tie Scarves I found on Pinterest.

What's your favorite Spring trend right now??

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