Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Some cute fashions our girls have been sporting lately!

Daddy's shoes! I think this was last week? She loves putting on any shoes that are laying around lately.

Last Tues after Rylie's dance class we came home and Remy got into sister's dance bag and stole her dance shoes and wore them around all afternoon! She loves watching sister's dance class and wants so badly to go in and dance with her.

Last Thur was our "lounge" day but we decided to go out for dinner and it was chilly. I just happened to go through the 24mo/2t clothes bin from Rylie to see what Remy could wear this Summer and found this hat and striped long sleeve shirt that are both her current size! So I wanted to hurry and get some use out of them and she looked SO CUTE in the hat and actually kept it on for awhile!

And the kicker.....Rylie was dressed like this for school last Friday. I left early for MOPS, had laid clothes out for Rylie to wear the night before, and Daddy took her to school. Imagine my surprise when I picked her up that afternoon in this! NOT what I laid out for her to wear. LOL Notice the legwarmers under the sweat pants that are under a skirt and she's not wearing socks. Oh dear! Poor thing! =)

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