Tuesday, April 30, 2013

End of Kindermusik and Dance

For some reason I'm only good at blogging at the beginning of the week and never past Wednesday. Weird?!

We had a fun weekend in Ft Worth visiting friends but I took too many pictures! So I'll get those up later this week. Last week, Remy finished Kindermusik and today Rylie finished dance class for this year. Her recital's this Saturday though. So sad things are coming to an end right now! But we've started making plans for the Summer and hopefully it'll be fun, but low-key!

Here's the pictures I took of Remy's last Kindermusik on Wednesday and Rylie and her visited a makeup class last Thursday too!

Last Tuesday Rylie got her first trophy ever at dance class and today they did a dress rehearsal during class.

Her first trophy! Yay!

Kendall and Rylie with their trophies

The whole class at the end

Kendall and Rylie before dress rehearsal today

Rylie's picture she drew this morning for Miss Stacey! 

Love Miss Stacey! 

Excited for recital this Saturday!

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