Monday, April 1, 2013

Celebrating Easter

We had a really fun Easter weekend!

Saturday Rylie and I dyed eggs for the first time!
(Excuse the lighting in all the photos--I've been practicing indoor white balance with no flash)

These were the koolaid dyes.

She loved it!

All our pretty colors! (The purple turned an ugly brown lol)

Since we had so many koolaid packets leftover we made some fruity pops with this cute bunny freezer pop mold her friend at school gave her.

Saturday night Rylie wanted to set her and Remy's baskets out (Remy crashed early lol)

And she made an Easter card for the bunny and carrots for him.

The next morning she woke up, walked out, and paused saying "Aw...I didnt get anything."

This was on the table and their baskets were missing! 

Rylie was so caught off guard and read the note from the bunny saying he hid their baskets!

She had fun searching around and found hers in the dining room!

With Peter Pan movie inside!!

She's talked about this nonstop since Feb wanting this movie! It was hard to keep it hidden this whole time!

Rylie's basket goodies

Remy finally woke up and Rylie showed her where her basket was hidden

Remy's goodies

We went to our new church in our community and the girls did great and it was a great service.

We tried doing photos when we got home (Rylie's wearing her new necklace the bunny brought her (that mommy made))

Remy was DONE with pictures!

One quick family one!

Mimi, Gaga, and uncle Daniel came for lunch. We went the easy route this year. Ordered brisket from a local bbq place and made devil eggs and pasta salad the night before. We didnt want another holiday spending the whole morning in the kitchen!

After eating the girls did their egg hunt

"I'm gonna get me some eggs!"

Remy saw Rylie getting eggs and thought she was supposed to get the ones she found to Rylie too! So cute!

Then she took a break to just swing a little

Rylie's all done! (They each could only get 10)

Remy had to get the hard ones that were left!

Daddy REALLY hid these eggs! See the yellow one?

Finally got it!

And the girls played a little after finding all the eggs

We came in when the rain started. Rylie made Easter cards for each person over Spring Break with my mom. So she handed them out to Uncle Daniel....

and Mimi and Gaga. Mommy, Daddy, and even Remy got one too! So sweet of her!

We finished with yummy lemon cake and cream cheese frosting Rylie and I made on Saturday. So good!

Hope you all had a great Easter too!

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