Monday, April 8, 2013

Brandon Heath Concert!

Saturday the day had finally come! Brandon Heath concert time! So glad my friend Laurie went with me. We had the best time!

Berry Center when we arrived

Got to our seats! Well, first I told every worker I saw that I was supposed to meet Brandon backstage before the concert and can you believe none of them let me back??

We got to walk right up to the stage and take pictures. We had great seats too!

The concert was part of the 3 in 1 Tour with Brandon Heath, Mandisa (center) and Jamie Grace (right)

View from ourseats....Mandisa on stage

Then Brandon came out with sunglasses on to sing "Give Me Your Eyes" (my fav song!)

And he threw his sunglasses in the audience! Apparently he didnt get the memo on where I was sitting because he threw them to the wrong side of the audience!

Pointing at me!! hehe!

Cell phone flashlights.....didnt know that app existed before this night, I have to admit.

Heading out! This was the podium on stage that lit up when Brandon was singing. I wasnt excited to be there or anything  ;-)

Great concert! SOO much fun!! Cant wait to attend another one of his!

And my first concert tshirt that I just may wear every other day =)

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Grandma said...

Glad you had a gret time at the concert. You didn't look at all like you were excited or anything!!!! LOL