Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A "Dr Seuss" Open House

Monday night Rylie's school had a CUTE open house event! The theme for lessons in March was Dr Seuss and they carried that theme into the open house.

Rylie and her friends walking in to see their teachers dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2!

So much planning went into this. They had a cute Dr Seuss poem at each seat and each section was a riddle we had to read and then figure out what display it was around the room to look at.

Rylie's "Thing 1" artwork

Rainbow R-the letter of the week a couple weeks ago


Then she showed me her "journal" she's done some coloring/writing/classwork in this year.

Trying on the silly hat!

With a silly face!

Then we headed to the library and she got her ugly insect she made (that's what she said it was called! LOL)


Then she played on the playground and showed me her favorite things to play. Apparently these blue mermaids are popular with her and her girlfriends and they're always trying to "find" one.

And she had to say hi to Mrs Beth! Comparison from last year's open house picture with her! Rylie looks like she's 3 years older instead of just 1 =(

Rylie and her teachers Mrs Laura and Mrs Pam!

(Rylie insisted on wearing the purple socks! And the shirts the kids made in class and everyone had to wear to open house)

Everyday we get closer and closer to her preschool graduation from this wonderful school, I get sadder and sadder. Even though Remy's about to begin her journey here, it's been such a great experience with Rylie and I'm sad to see her time here coming to an end. We love this place so much!

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