Tuesday, April 30, 2013

End of Kindermusik and Dance

For some reason I'm only good at blogging at the beginning of the week and never past Wednesday. Weird?!

We had a fun weekend in Ft Worth visiting friends but I took too many pictures! So I'll get those up later this week. Last week, Remy finished Kindermusik and today Rylie finished dance class for this year. Her recital's this Saturday though. So sad things are coming to an end right now! But we've started making plans for the Summer and hopefully it'll be fun, but low-key!

Here's the pictures I took of Remy's last Kindermusik on Wednesday and Rylie and her visited a makeup class last Thursday too!

Last Tuesday Rylie got her first trophy ever at dance class and today they did a dress rehearsal during class.

Her first trophy! Yay!

Kendall and Rylie with their trophies

The whole class at the end

Kendall and Rylie before dress rehearsal today

Rylie's picture she drew this morning for Miss Stacey! 

Love Miss Stacey! 

Excited for recital this Saturday!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Remy-Big Girl Lunch

We've been working with Remy on feeding herself exclusively at meals, mostly with utensils. She's still a mess but getting better. Monday she did the chicken nuggets dipping in ketchup all on her own for the first time!

{She'd already eaten her goldfish and applesauce}

{She likes to kick her shoes off when she's eating}

{Wash it down with good 'ol milk!}

All gone!!

"Now I'll just eat my highchair straps!"

What a mess!

Happiest girl in the world! I think she loved her lunch!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Some cute fashions our girls have been sporting lately!

Daddy's shoes! I think this was last week? She loves putting on any shoes that are laying around lately.

Last Tues after Rylie's dance class we came home and Remy got into sister's dance bag and stole her dance shoes and wore them around all afternoon! She loves watching sister's dance class and wants so badly to go in and dance with her.

Last Thur was our "lounge" day but we decided to go out for dinner and it was chilly. I just happened to go through the 24mo/2t clothes bin from Rylie to see what Remy could wear this Summer and found this hat and striped long sleeve shirt that are both her current size! So I wanted to hurry and get some use out of them and she looked SO CUTE in the hat and actually kept it on for awhile!

And the kicker.....Rylie was dressed like this for school last Friday. I left early for MOPS, had laid clothes out for Rylie to wear the night before, and Daddy took her to school. Imagine my surprise when I picked her up that afternoon in this! NOT what I laid out for her to wear. LOL Notice the legwarmers under the sweat pants that are under a skirt and she's not wearing socks. Oh dear! Poor thing! =)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Baby-proofing 101

It's no secret my little Remy has been a mischievous toddler. She definitely has challenged us with baby-proofing our house! We never had to baby-proof as much with Rylie so we're still learning what really works best for keeping curious minds out of danger. We have a LOT of friends having babies this year, most of them having their first child. So I thought I'd pass along some advice in the baby-proofing department. Here are some recent reviews on just a few products, based on our opinions with what has worked best with us.

These door locks did not work for us at first!! We bought them for Rylie and right away she pulled down on the handle hard and it opened. However, I just read reviews stating if you install it upside down where you have to lift the handle up to open the door instead of down, it keeps children out. As long as they dont figure that out! But definitely harder to do than just pull down on the handle. So we tried it on the laundry room and it works! Keeps Remy out! Good news about these is they install between the door handles (you do have to use a screwdriver so there's minimal installation) but that assures you the lock isnt going anywhere.

These are what we ended up getting for most doors for Remy. They cost twice as much as the above locks but they work! They absolutely keep her out. Bad news, they're only stuck on with adhesive so who knows if it'll destroy the paint on our door when we remove them and hopefully they'll last years before the adhesive wears off. With that being said, there's practically no installation process on these. Also, they are a little bulkier than the above, so they dont work on doors that open in.

We installed these latches on "danger" cabinets when Rylie was a baby. Never had any trouble with them. Until Remy was born! Ha! She got into way more drawers/cabinets than Rylie ever tried to so we just installed more to everything in the kitchen. They're super cheap but do need to be screwed in so they stay in place well.

Remy though has decided she still really wants in the utensils drawer!

And squeezes her little arm in there to reach things!

Soooo these aren't really working for us anymore! I worry she will cut herself on a knife.

So I think we might give these a try. They're way more expensive than the latches but they dont open at all without a magnet key so there's no room to smash fingers or wedge little hands in there. My advice would be to start with these. They have good reviews online so far.

And Remy has started this last week!

So now I'm worried she'll pull that oven door open while something's cooking inside! (Our oven at least has child lock on the buttons so she cant turn it on by herself)

So this will also be our next safety purchase! An oven lock for ovens that are mounted into a wall. I'll come back with a followup on this after we try it out.

And as a reminder, keep all things hot/dangerous far back on counters! This little monkey has some arm strength and tries with all her might to get things on our counter and tall kitchen table!

Now....does anybody have any suggestions how to baby-proof this???

We have these stairs all over downstairs with split staircase and she keeps stair-climbing up the outside of the steps. I'm worried in our foyer she'll climb up high and fall on the tile and crack her head open. She's a fast little monkey!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rylie's Spring Portraits

Her school Spring portraits were just posted. Cant believe how grown up she looks!

{She had to wear her watch to school. Such a big girl.}

And her cute class. Love them.