Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring's Start and Rainbow Day

Last Wednesday we pulled out some Spring apparel for the first day of Spring!

And Remy's new white sandals too!

She was excited to return to Kindermusik after Spring Break!

They got to wear the cutest little butterfly wings for a dance and hers matched her outfit! She looked so stinking cute in them. I might have to order us some ;-)

One more pic before my camera died. She seriously sang the "Hello Song" and "Bow Wow Wow" song all during Spring Break!

Rylie, who was SUPER excited Spring had finally started (she's only asked me everyday since March started and now thinks we can go swimming), decked out all cute for Rainbow day at school last Wednesday. She got a kick out of wearing Remy's leg warmers! hehe They really are one size fits all I guess!

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