Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Break Week

We didnt have a big, exciting Spring Break but we still enjoyed it!

First I have to say, Rylie lost her 4th tooth the Wed before Spring Break! 

It's right behind where her finger is. And I have to make a note here-to the folks who think they know everything and have made comments about her "teeth falling out because she sucks her thumb" you're completely wrong. Her adult teeth are growing in really fast. Sucking your thumb does not make that happen. And I know teeth gross some people out. I dont get it but whatever. But when a 5 year old is really excited about a loose tooth and wants to show you, it's pretty rude to shudder and to her face say "No. I really dont want to see that." Suck it up for 5 seconds and let a child show you something they're excited about! (This was a young girl working at a birthday party weeks ago. Just wait til she has kids! Ha!) Ok....moving on!

Remster is OBSESSED with these Trader Joe's sour cream and onion puffs lately!

My mom came down to visit last Friday and of course Saturday I started with horrible allergies. I spent Sat and Sun basically in pajamas on the couch somewhat joining my mom and girls to play.

These have been my best friend last week!

Monday Rylie and I finally baked the cookies I'd promised her  we could. They were a cute favor from Presley's party last month.

Tuesday we met Kendall and her mommy and Grammy for lunch. So glad to get out
 of the house and see friends!

Remy was so cute wanting to color like the big girls. She really was pretty good at lunch so I was proud of both my girls!

During Remy's nap Grandma and Rylie did some crafts and made Easter cards for our family.

Then I helped her made this cute Easter egg craft off Pinterest.

She'd never cut "inside" a picture before and took it very seriously!

Finished product!

Then she put the window stickers on by our front door!

My mom headed home Wednesday and David took Rylie to Mimi's office to visit (or as she called "be a worker girl")

Remy and I took a walk that evening since David was working late. She loves cruising in her car Santa brought her! She always stands when we stop.

Thursday Remy and I had errands to run. This is the look we get quite a bit these days! hehe

But she looked so cute in these sandals! Formerly Rylies, and ever since Remy saw them in her closet, she's obsessed with them! She really wanted to wear them and was excited I let her (even though it'd been so chilly in mornings and night, it was very warm in the afternoon when we ran errands).

Cant go anywhere without her little book and hammer!

We had lunch just us at Panera. Remy's new love last week is apple slices! Yay for more fruits!

I found this adorable Spring banner at Target for only $7! It looks just like one I saw on Pinterest and wanted to make but now I've saved time and dont have to run around finding supplies and cutting. For $7 I probably saved money!

At dinner Remy was so sweet to share her goldfish crackers with Mommy!

Happiest baby in the world!

Thursday night after dinner we had some playtime in the bath. She loves the water!

And drinking it!

Cutie pie!

Then she got too close and the water splashed her face..... she started getting back at the water...

....and kept "hitting it" real fast. I was dying! She was really going at it all mad!

Look at those cute little toes!!

Sister got a new robe for Christmas so Remy got her smaller size.

And loves it! She also loves to go "rock rock" in her room all by herself. (Notice she's holding the sandal she's obsessed with?? Too funny!)

So we had a low-key Spring Break which was great because I didnt have much energy with allergies/sinus infection. I loved spending one-on-one time with Remy too for a couple days and catching up on laundry and house cleaning. David took Remy to his mom's house Friday afternoon and brought Rylie back home because we had a weekend full of birthday parties to take her to!

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