Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I havent had a moment to get on the computer and type some updates. The girls have taken turns being sick the past 2 weeks!

Remy was still pretty bad Thur 2 weeks ago so I tried taking her to an urgent care clinic, but it was $300 copay because they consider it a "hospital" so we staked out the pediatrician office (that had 4 of the 6 doctors out that day) and finally got seen. It was just a cold or something but she had 2 bad ear infections and we left with amoxicillin.

She bounced back pretty quick but hasnt stopped giving us this serious frown face! She only started it when she was sick and it's so funny when she does it.

Last Thur then Rylie woke up with a headache. I have her ibuprofen and checked her temp just in case but it was normal. Her head felt better, we ran errands and did lunch. Then at bedtime that night her head hurt again and she had 101 temp. She stayed home from school Fri with Daddy while Remy and I did MOPS. That afternoon her fever came back =(

Saturday she had to miss her best friend Raegan's birthday party. She was SO SAD! She'd looked forward to this party for a month. Princess Aurora came and did the girls' makeup so to cheer her up from missing it, I did her makeup from the Disneyworld stuff she had. That night her fever got up to 103.5. She never had other symptoms other than fever. Sunday she felt better and her temp was only 99 off and on. Monday her temp was still 99 so I took her to the Dr. They ran so many tests! Me and the nurse had to HOLD HER DOWN to do a strep test and finger prick. She put up a good fight and Remy was crying from being scared of sister freaking out lol Everything came back fine though-no mono, no strep (even after 2 tests!), and blood count looked good. No clue what was wrong! We came home and just kept up ibuprofen for her. Yesterday she finally had no fever all day and today she finally returned to school after being cooped up for a week! Remy and I were glad to get out as well! It's been a crazy couple of weeks and hopefully we're all going to stay well now and get back to normalcy!

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~Shelly~ said...

Ohhh girl I feel sorry for you! So glad they are feeling back to normal. Time for some fun now!!