Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kmusik and School Easter Fun

Yesterday was a very exhausting day. The kind where you just have to wait until that particular day is over before you plan anything else the rest of the week. You just have to get through this one day first. The kind where you have so much to lug around with you, it takes 3 trips to the car and back to load it up before you leave. The kind where I fall asleep at 9pm after the day is over while making a grocery list for Easter and wake up at 5am with the pen and pad still with me in bed. 

It was a fun day though yesterday! Oh but it was exhausting. Rylie and I started Tues night making 3 dozen cupcakes for her Easter party at school the next day. After dropping Rylie and her cupcakes off at school, Remy and I rushed to Kindermusik.

She was so cute in this Spring dress and matching sweater! (A Gymboree on Ebay find when I was pregnant with her!)

And they did the butterfly dance again!!

"Uhh is there something on my back??"

"That is one pretty girl right there!"
Checking her wings out in the mirror

"I'm so glad we did this parachute just for me!" hehe She was going crazy over that thing yesterday! I didnt take a picture of the goody bags we made for her Kindermusik friends, but it was just some butterfly bubble bottles and egg lollipops. I tried so hard to go candy-free completely again but Easter's a hard one!

Then we rushed over to Rylie's school to setup their Easter party. 

And hide the eggs for their egg hunt! Their class was first so the moms were rushing around!

They each had to find a certain number eggs with their name on it to make it a little work on them =)

She was excited to find a BIG egg with her name on it!

And the bunny stopped by too!

All done!

Then the kids got their party lunch started

And the bunny came by again!

Rylie and I made these cupcakes. Ugh the bain of my existence! I went out of my way to get the correct grass tip for the green frosting and it was horrible! I dont recommend that tip! So I had to use the star one and they're not exactly what they were supposed to be but Rylie and the kids loved them so that's all that mattered.

Obviously loving the cupcake anyway!

I had packed Remy a lunch to nibble on while I was busy working the class party. She tried kiwi for the first time and liked it!

Then the kids did a "pin the tail on the bunny" game.

And then we headed home and down for naps! Yay!

I put these little goodies together for the teachers for Easter too.

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