Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Logan, Kate, and Kai!

 We had three birthday parties this past weekend for 3 sweet kiddos turning 5!

Two parties were on Saturday. First up was Logan's! Rylie was SO happy to get to see him!

AND she was happy it was at Pump It Up!

These 3 girls are all in class together right now. They were so cute sliding down holding hands. They did that all on their own!

Hi mommy!

Logan's party was the ninja turtles. Rylie didnt know who they were before this and David and I explained them to her. So funny they're back. I grew up with an older brother and 4 older boy cousins and I remember watching a lot of ninja turtles at this age!

Our little ninja turtle Rylie

3 classmate turtle girls

Happy  Birthday sweet Logan!

Next we headed straight to Kate's party at a bowling alley!

Kate Charlotte and Rylie

Isnt Rylie styling those bowling shoes?!

Her first bowl! She was so excited! She's never been bowling before.

Charlotte and Rylie hadnt seen each other in awhile and were so excited to bowl and dance together!

Charlotte was so sweet and cheered Rylie on each time she bowled then did this while they watched her ball go down the lane!

All the guests making silly faces!

The end score. Rylie bowled one strike! Now she really wants Mommy and Daddy to take her bowling again soon!

We got home from the 2 parties and walked in to these just sitting there. We drove 45 min out to Logan's party and realized when we got there we left both gifts at home =(

Sunday I took Rylie to Kai's birthday party at a local park!

Cutest shark cake ever!

Kai's dad made a shark watermelon!

Cute shark cupcakes

How cute are these shark table centerpieces to hold the balloons down??!!

Rylie had SO MUCH FUN!

She really loved getting to fly the shark kite they gave all the kids.

And played a LOT on the playground!

Kai and his cake

Rylie and her faces....

Lined up for pinata!

Rylie had way too much fun this weekend! Happy 5th birthday to all her sweet friends! 
And Happy St Patty's day from our little leprechaun girls!

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