Friday, March 15, 2013

Daddy Daughter Dance

So 3 weeks ago today, in the midst of Remy being sick, Rylie and David went to our new church's Daddy Daughter Dance! I've been waiting for their photos to come in they had taken at the dance but they're still not here. 

They were both so excited about it! Rylie picked out the dress she wanted to wear and what she wanted David to wear (she also wanted him to wear a crown "since he's her prince hehe!) and she asked me to curl her hair. She looked so beautiful! The whole time I was getting her ready, the song by Steven Curtis Chapman "Dance with Cinderella" kept playing in my head. So sweet! They both had a great time at the dance and here's all the cute pictures from that night!

Aw sister love!

Practicing her twirl before heading out

Aw baby's gonna miss her sissy

At the dance-David bought all 3 girls a carnation.

Rylie doing the locomotive with the other girls.

I really hope this new church does more family events like this!

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