Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day!

We had a sweet day last Thur! The girls looked pretty in their black and pink heart dresses! 

Remy was being sweet and giving Rylie hugs!

First we ate a Valentine-y breakfast I made of heart shape pancakes and pink scrambled eggs. Then we went for a bike ride/little car ride in our neighborhood. It was so pretty outside!

Then we did lunch at our local Subway-Rylie's choice. 

Remy LOVED her sandwich and chips!

Then after naps and when David came home, we gave the girls little somethings.

Rylie's been reading so much lately and wanted to read her whole card first.

I made her this cute chunky bead necklace in her favorite color.

It's a little long (I couldn't try it on her for sizing since it was a surprise!) so I'm going to shorten it. I just love these necklaces! I've started one for Easter too (shhh!)

I also found the items to make a cupcake hairclip just like the one she was obsessed with and lost last Summer.

She was so happy to have the cupcake hairclip "back"

Remy got 2 pretty flower headbands

And David surprised me with the Brandon Heath cd!!!

The girls and I gave David some cards and his favorite chocolate.

We just made ourselves a low-key dinner at home and had a pretty great day! I really look forward to Valentine's Day now!

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~Shelly~ said...

Cute! How much you charge for a necklace? ;)