Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Fun at Kindermusik & School!

Today was filled with Valentine fun! The girls were matching in their red heart shirts and ready to celebrate this morning!

After taking Rylie to school, Remy had Kindermusik

She LOVES this puppy miss Sandy has!

Sweetest thing

Picking out her bell. I love how she has to pick up and test each one.

They did hoola hoops today for the 1st time! Remy loves those.

After class she handed out these treat bags to her friends. Loopy straws with tags I just printed on cardstock. Flip it over and....

I printed this on the back. Hehe! I got this picture when Remy was learning where her nose was and kept sticking her finger IN her nose instead of ON so I knew I had to make these cards with that picture.

Then baby girl and I went back to Rylie's school to setup for her Valentine party while her class was in chapel.

Crazy, cute, fun, exhausting party! lol

So excited her party was finally here!

Beaver babies-stroller parking

Most kids left after the craft and then we realized we never opened a pack of cookies so I gave Remy one to keep her out of things while I helped clean up and she looked like a big kid sitting with Rylie!!

For Rylie's school friends I made these labels and bought small red apples and put them with a brave card in a baggie.

And I gave her 2 teachers these giftcards and printed these tags on cardstock.

I had so much fun making the cute Valentine things this year! Thanks Pinterest for all the ideas!


grandma said...

Love those Valentine Ideas you did for the girls. They're great!!! Hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day!!!

~Shelly~ said...

Good ideas! I love the pizza thing!!

EMonaghan said...

Such cute ideas! I had such a hard time decided what to do. Pinterest had so many, I think I've got ideas for the next 10years ;)