Monday, February 11, 2013


I first mentioned Brandon Heath in this post back in Sep 2010. The obsession hasn't ended =)

And I'm SO FLIPPIN EXCITED to attend his concert this April!!!!! EEEEKKK!!! Finally I get to hear him in person! I cant even explain how excited I am! This is my first concert to attend, like real concert just going to hear someone I love. I've been to 2 rodeo concerts but that's it. And this is someone I've REALLY wanted to see in person for years! I was going to attend his concert in Oct 2011 but Remy was only a month old, I had nobody to go with me, and tickets were expensive. Thankfully my neighbor friend Laurie is going with me to this concert in April! Tickets were cheaper, it's a better venue, and I get to hear his newest songs too! SO FLIPPIN EXCITED!!!!

I really wish I could do a meet-n-greet but there aren't any with this tour. I'm just SO excited to hear him sing and I hope he sings my 3 favorite songs of his: "Give Me Your Eyes," "The Light In Me," and this one....

"Jesus in Disguise" from his newest album (that I'd LOVE for Valentine's Day, David! Hint, hint!)

Give him a little listen today...I promise it'll make your day better. He's pretty cute to look at too. ;-)

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