Monday, February 4, 2013

Rylie & Remy Lately

Just some random updates on what's going on with the girls' lives lately!

We'll start with the first-born. =)

-Really into outer space right now. Her school did lessons on it all during January. She knows all the planets and various facts about them, space, astronauts, etc. They had a cute field trip last month where Discovery Dome came and they sat in an inflatable and viewed a movie from the inside to show what space looked like. Bless her heart, she thought she was literally going to outer space and asked me to take her shopping for a space suit and started to pack a bag (because "it takes 2 days to get there" she said) and I had to tell her it was just pretend.

inside the dome!

-Her best friend in school, Logan moved away suddenly =( Their house just sold super fast and they were gone in a week. Not too far away though, so Rylie already talks about visiting when were out that way and how we "cant take peanuts when we go there because they'll make Logan sick" (He's allergic) Their teacher took this picture of them at lunch on his last day.

-Rylie had Pre-K Graduation pictures taken last week! Yes, I wanted to cry the entire day. I spent the night before pictures ironing a nice shirt for her and the next morning, she said she didnt want to wear it because it looked like a boy shirt (white, button down, collar). It's already begun! So we settled on a different shirt and she asked me to curl her hair. She just looked so beautiful and grown up. I cant believe Kindergarten is upon us!

-She's taking off on reading! The second she got that LeapPad2 for Christmas, boom! She sounds out words and has started reading us her bedtime stories at night and other random signs/name tags in public. She also wants to make lists on her own when we go to the store.


-Turns 17 months old Saturday! Crazy!
-Wearing 18 month clothes and size 4 diapers and size 5.5/6 shoes.
-We're borderline done with 2 naps a day. She'll sometimes do it still  but she's also fine doing one big afternoon nap. Depending on what we're doing that day.
-In addition to reaching utensils drawer in the kitchen as you saw in the picture in a previous post, she's climbing on the kitchen table (counter-height), climbing up the front of her highchair and just sits on her knees on the tray, she's super fast at both of those by the way!

-Super separation anxiety at MOPS still or if anyone talks to her closely that she doesnt know, even if I'm holding her, she clings to me.
-Loves Kindermusik and starting to do the motions more on her own.

-Brings me the wipes and a diaper out of her diaper bag when she has a dirty diaper. I cant wait to potty train this one! Ha!
-Somewhat starting to learn to feed herself with utensils.
-Anything you ask her, she says "no" It's super cute =)
-Can go down the stairs by herself.
-Kind of a bully sometimes. She'll just walk up to Rylie and hit her hard with whatever's in her hand if she's mad that Rylie's playing with something she cant or whatever. Just little moments like that sometimes.
-She says mama, dada, Ry-die (Rylie), bye bye, mmmm! (lol), heyyow (hello), dat dat? (what's that?), gaga, mimi, something that sounds like sister, no, uh oh, night night, and woah

-She will motion for us to follow her, and she'll take us to the fridge and point when she wants her drink cup.
-She was raiding the pantry a lot for awhile. And the trash can. So we locked the trash can in the pantry now with a new lock to keep her out.
-Calls her lovey "night night"
-Points to her nose and ear on request. And loves looking for everybody's belly button, then comparing it to her own.
-Can blow her nose now! I'm way too excited about this and not having to use the aspirator anymore.

They're both just growing so fast! I dont want to forget a single moment.

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grandma said...

Rylie's pre-K graduation pictures look a lot like the ones from your senior high graduation!! No wonder you just want to cry. She's growing up too fast!!! Remy you are still a little cutie but a real stinker!!!!!