Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Embracing Valentine's Day

I dont have a good history with Valentine's Day. I dont know what it is. Some people fear Friday the 13th. I fear Valentine's Day. It's just a really bad luck day for me.

To understand this, you should know the history I have with this day.
Let's begin freshmen year of high school. I spent the day at the police station in Waco reporting an ex boyfriend for harassment-I guess we could call it that. Sophomore year I spent Valentine's Day in ISS (in school suspension) because instead of going to a lecture, I went to my normal class to finish a project. I didn't know the lecture was mandatory and so they considered me "skipping class"......because I went to my class. Junior year I spent Valentine's Day helping someone escape from an abusive home they were living in. You really cant make this stuff up. And lets not forget 2 years ago I spent Valentine morning with a nonstop bloody nose that made Rylie late for school where she later fell on the playground and busted her lip and tooth.

This isn't to say every Valentine's Day has been horrible. But I definitely approach it with caution given the history.

This year I'm being brave. I'm actually embracing Valentine's Day. I'm coordinating Rylie's school party, I've made five different cutesy cards for the girls to hand out to friends and teachers, I've made dinner plans that night, and for the first time ever I bought Valentine decorations.

Rylie and I made these heart banners Sunday!

So fingers crossed this year will be great!

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grandma said...

Hope you all have a great Valentine's Day! I remember each of those Valentine Day. They are what makes the other ones so special!!