Wednesday, February 20, 2013

3rd Tooth, Katy Friends, MDO, & Baseball Field Trip!

Sunday night Rylie lost her 3rd tooth! It'd been hanging for a couple days so I was glad she pulled it out at bedtime!

She was so excited the toothfairy would visit again and set out her door and a new little pillow to put her tooth in on her nightstand.

Monday Rylie had a school holiday so we drove out to Katy to get the girls new sandals for Easter at the outlet mall and stopped to see our friends Carter and Sophie. The big girls loved playing dressup together!

And Remy and Sophie were so cute playing. They're also adding another baby girl to their family in July! So exciting!

This pictures really dark (taken on my cell phone). I woke up 5am Tues morning to wait in line to register Remy for MDO! In this pic there's a guy in a tent. Others arrived at midnight. CRAZY! Thankfully Remy did get a spot and starts this June the same school Rylie attends now.

When I got home Tues morning Remy had woken up with a fever =( I'd never seen her like this. She would just lay around, snuggle....actually SNUGGLE with David and I, and slept like a newborn.

It was the saddest, yet sweetest sight. I cant say I didnt mind the snuggles although I hated the cause of them.

Today Rylie had an off-campus field trip to Lonestar Baseball Academy in Baytown. She was SO excited about it!

Getting instructions from Christopher Sampson-former pitcher for Houston Astros who owns the Academy.

Then they all did different stations. Rylie's group did batting first with the pitching machine.

Then she worked out (doing pushups) in the weight room

Then they did exercising for catching a ball while hopping through these squares.

Video of her practicing catching after the hopping part.

Then they got to pitch a ball to Christopher Sampson. How often would Rylie get a chance to pitch a baseball to a professional player??

Video of her pitching a strike! She did great!

Rylie with Mr Sampson (dont be jealous, David!)

Lastly, they practiced hitting on the tee.

Video of her hitting.

Then everyone had pizza for lunch before going home! Rylie had a blast! So glad I got to attend this with her! Maybe we should signup for teeball now?

We got home and Remy woke up with still a low fever but feeling better. She actually played a little and talked and ate a little more.

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