Thursday, January 3, 2013

Remy's 1st Haircut!

New Year's Day we headed to the Woodlands. Rylie needed a little hair trim and we decided to go ahead and get Remy's 1st cut too!

Remy watched Rylie first
See her crazy hair?!

And the MULLET?? UGH! It drove me crazy!

Clearly Remy was excited about this haircut, no?

Who knew she loved her mullet so much lol

But once the bubbles came out, it was "what haircut?"

She totally cooperated for the stylist too. Yep.

"Ok....I'm calm now."
First cut!!!

Aww such a big girl!

Almost done!

A little blow dry.

Ta da!

Next was the carousel ride! Hehe!

Cant believe how big they both look!

Fun fun times!

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~Shelly~ said...

She's just a little drama queen isnt she? The only way to be ;) So sweet!