Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Random Around the House, Laurens 2nd Bday, Ginny's Baby Shower, & Kindermusik Return

I have no real excuse for not blogging lately other than the fact I have 2 kids and well, just life in general! So here's a bunch of photos from my cell phone and small camera that I finally found the battery charger for!
This is old but never posted. Remy standing on her zibra riding toy.
My kitchen looks like this daily. Remy can reach the utensils drawer!.....Amongst other things. We now have our kitchen trash locked in the pantry, and she wont quit climbing on top of the kitchen table!
2 weeks ago the girls ate lunch together at the kid table. Remy's first time to eat sitting at a table like a big girl!
2 weeks ago-Chickfila did free breakfast on a Thur and they looked so cute before heading out!
Saturday before last Remy went to her neighbor friend Lauren's 2nd birthday party! It was a cute "Very Hungry Caterpillar" theme.
Hard to see Remy in the middle-teeny tiny brown & pink blur.
Birthday girl!
You HAVE to see Remy's cute dance at the party!
Remy and another neighbor cutie Zoe.
Doing the games like a big kid.
THEN that same Saturday I went to a baby shower for a MOPS friend. It was the CUTEST setup ever!
"The Princess and the Pea" theme
And they made little peas in a pod candy! Too cute!
Ginny got a LOT of cute, cute baby girl things for miss Julia Claire who was born this past Friday! She also has a little boy too.
While I was at the baby shower David sent me this photo he took off the baby monitor. Remy climbs on the rail of her bed and was playing with the closet lightswitch. Her crib is now in the middle of her room where she can reach nothing!
Last Wednesday Remy and I returned to Kindermusik!
We were both so happy to be back and see some friends return and make some new ones too!
This was last week sometime. Remy just looked so grown up.
Matching sissys having a goldfish snack at Mimi's this past weekend.
Monday Rylie wasnt acting herself. Not sick, just almost acting like she was having a panic attack or something? She was crying so hard that she didnt want to go to school and was clinging to me and actually wanted me to snuggle with her. So we stayed home and she chilled on the couch. She loves her LeapPad from Christmas!
And my life's just been busy lately with these 2 goobers!
I love them so much. They give me a workout daily chasing after them, arguing back, making messes, etc etc but I couldn't love them anymore even if they were perfect-behaved girls who never made a mess.

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grandma said...

That Remy sure is a "stinker" but a sweetheart too!!! love those kitchen floor "decorations"that Remy put out for you.