Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Last days of December

So I've been MIA on the blog lately. I took it down for about a week at Christmas. I just had a lot to deal with and needed a break from....well, everyone. I still have my Twitter and Instagram down. Might not put those back up. But I'm back on Facebook and have updated the blog. So scroll down to catch up. I predated everything to fit it all in.
Sat Dec 29 The girls were being so cute.
Remy just backed herself into Rylie's lap and they both were laughing about it.

My new favorite picture of them!

I spent hours packing up Christmas! I reorganized it all and bagged up a LOT to donate that we dont use anymore.

We didnt do anything big for New Year's. David took the girls to get groceries while I redeemed kohl's cash. After dinner David made this cake for us. Isnt it BEAUTIFUL?! =)
We're pretty glad 2012's over. It must've been a bad year for a lot because everyone seemed to agree with us with their FB posts. Hopefully 2013's better for everyone!

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EMonaghan said...

I was wondering what was going on! I tried to get on and it said I needed a password, so I thought you kicked me out ;) got your package, thanks so much. So cute! I might see if I can get a bigger size though so he can wear them more