Wednesday, January 9, 2013

27th Birthday

Saturday night David and I had a wonderful date night! It was an early birthday celebration for me and I picked PF Chang's for dinner.

LOVE their crab wontons appetizer! We also shared spring rolls and Chang's Spicy Chicken which was phenomenal! Seriously good dinner. I couldn't have been more pleased with it. 

I cant find my small camera battery charger so I just had my cell phone to use for pictures!

After dinner we went to Sprinkles right by PF Chang's and got some cupcakes to go. Then we rushed over to see "This Is 40." SO HILARIOUS! I cant wait to own that movie. Loved it. We went home after the movie and ate our cupcakes. I gotta say, Crave is better! Sprinkles cupcake part were good and moist, but the frosting wasn't even close to being our favorite. And thanks to Mimi for watching both girls overnight for us! She emailed me the picture above of them in Rylie's bed Sunday morning! I'm so glad they were good for her and I know they had fun as well.

Today's my actual birthday and it's been a pretty good day. My friend Becca took me to a yummy lunch (in the nonstop pouring rain we've had lately) while Remy stayed home with Daddy! David later brought home roses and I got a lot of cards in the mail and tons of love on Facebook and texts today! I decided to make this Cinnamon Roll Cake again from Pinterest instead of a birthday cake. It tasted better the 1st time I made it but still good this time too. 

I must say, Rylie by far is more excited about my birthday than anyone else! She's called me "birthday girl" all day, told everyone she's come across this week, and said for my gift she was going to give me a new recipe to make some cupcakes (which I'm sure she would've loved for me to make for her to eat hehe!). She colored me a picture and sang to me and has just been the sweetest thing.

Thanks everyone for making today special and for all the birthday love!

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~Shelly~ said...

Glad you had a fun day!! That cake looks SO GOOD! Here's to yet another year :)