Sunday, December 16, 2012

Winter Wonderland Dance Recital

Yesterday Rylie's dance class performed a CUTE Winter recital. Here's the million cute pictures!

Kendall and Rylie ready to go!

Introducing each girl with their Christmas wish.

Tiptoeing to her spot


"Hi Daddy!"



She picked this cute pose for the end =)

Walking into 2nd dance

Decorating the tree

Final pose

Whole class. They did great!

Mimi and our prima ballerina
Grandaddy and Deedee with their princess

Remy was a handful but did great during the show. Impossible to get a cute pic of them together though!

They had a cute setup in the refreshments room after performance

Daddy and our star.

The studio's tree

The photoshoot room
We're so proud of our girl!

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