Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

We had a pretty good weekend at our house.
Friday was my MOPS ornament exchange Christmas party. They took a photo of our table's ladies for the MOPS newsletter. We've got a really great table!

I ended up with the cutest little starbucks cup ornament! I stole it from someone, then someone stole it from me, then I had my new ornament stolen so I stole this back! Love it!

Saturday we took Remy to try out a Little Gym class while Rylie visited Mimi.

She did GREAT on the uneven bars! Our little monkey!

Doin a flip!

Almost over.

Tada! She would just hang on it all by herself without touching the ground.

This was hilarious. She was supposed to crawl through the hoops but instead she stood there, lifted each hoop over her head and then stepped over the bottom of it one at a time. Pretty clever!

She enjoyed visiting but it wasnt quite what I expected. They mostly did the same sitting in a circle stuff we do at Kindermusik with only a little time on the gym equipment and even that was just free play. So I think we'll wait another year on Little Gym. Maybe at that age she'll be doing more "gym" activities to burn off her energy and need for climbing! HA!
Rylie's been cutting one line off this Santa beard project from school lately. She's pretty good at remembering this and moving the candy cane on our Christmas countdown calendar.

Last night Rylie got a little booboo and was crying. I calmed her then put her on her little couch and Remy came right over and laid with her. So sweet!

She really didnt want to leave her side. My heart was just bursting. They really are the sweetest sisters.

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