Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Top 12 in 2012

I'm doing our year-end recap post early this year because I'd started this top 12 in 2012 list and how can I not post it today on 12/12/12?? HEHE! So here goes!

Top things in the 12 months of 2012.
We took Rylie ice skating on New Years at the Galleria. I turned 26 and Remy started rice cereal moving towards solids.
Rylie got a big haircut =( I took a weekend trip alone to visit friends in Ft Worth, we had a low-key Valentine's Day, visited my sick Grandma in Waco, Remy got baptized, we finally got our garage cleaned out! (It's still mostly pretty clean too!) and Remy started baby food full-time.
Remy turned 6 mos old, my Grandma in Waco passed away, we went to the Houston Rodeo Carnival, Rylie got a pet goldfish "Goldie" (he passed away in June though).
The girls had a great Easter, I took Rylie to her 1st Disney on Ice show then we spent a weekend with friends in Ft Worth.
Remy started crawling, David and I celebrated 5 years of marriage, we went to Mai Fest in Brenham, Rylie did a great dance recital, I had a great Mother's Day, Rylie's school had parent brunch, carnival day, and water day before ending, Rylie graduated from MOPPETS, and sadly about 5 friends moved away.
David turned 32, we swam a lot at the pool, Rylie started swim lessons, David had a great Father's Day, and Rylie got sick with a virus and hives. Remy also started climbing!
We had another great 4th of July week in Maine, Rylie finished swim lessons.
We laid low and watched the Olympics. Rylie was done with Summer school, we got ready for Fall to start, and did more swimming. Rylie got sick again and we missed my family reunion.
We went to Moody Gardens Palm Beach to end the Summer, Rylie started Pre-K, Remy turned ONE year old, MOPS started back, Remy started Kindermusik, and Rylie started a new dance/tap class.
We went to a local Fall Festival and Pumpkin Patch, Rylie turned 5 years old with a trip to Disneyworld, and we had a great Halloween.
Rylie's school had a fun carnival day, Rylie performed in a cute Thanksgiving Feast at her school, Rylie lost her 1st tooth, and we hosted Thanksgiving at our house.
We're still working on this month but it's been busy so far with Christmas parties, Winter festival, baking cookies, visiting Santa, Christmas shopping and decorating! Rylie also lost a 2nd tooth and has a Christmas recital this Saturday!

And our top 12 sister photos of 2012!
This was supposed to be the back of our Christmas card but I couldnt find what I liked so I had to share this on here. I worked hard getting these pictures and putting this together!

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~Shelly~ said...

I started my month to month list but haven't finished it. I'll get there one of these days! Glad you guys had such a fun year! It will only get better :D