Thursday, December 6, 2012

Santa, Kindermusik, Baking, and Goodies! SO BUSY!

Amazing how crazy this month can be filled with busy, busy, but fun activities!! The girls have had several Santa sightings.

First we took them to the mall on the first Saturday he arrived on November 10. We wanted to get that out of the way when there was no line!

I think it turned out super cute! I wanted something different this year and got these CUTE jammies at Target so I figured we outta capture the cuteness of them in a picture! And Remy SMILED so big! I came prepared with squeekie toys for her! hehe

Then last Saturday Rylie and I were busy Christmas shopping and had to rush over and meet David and Remy at our neighborhood Winter Festival. We only made it for the end but really wanted another cute Santa picture in the girls' matching shirts. Course we ended up forgetting our camera and had to use cell phones and NOW Remy decides she doesnt like Santa. HA!

Poor thing!! They had such a beautiful setup for the pictures too. Maybe next year!

Then Rylie saw Santa on Monday visit her school!

LOVE these pictures!
(Photography by KamykPhotography)

Not sure we'll see him again before Christmas this year but the girls (....err Rylie) loved seeing him a lot this year!

Wednesday was Remy and I's Kindermusik fun! She's so funny and "hugs" everything now!

Two new things were these ribbon rings and the drums! Remy thought the little drum needed to be on the big drum!

And she wasnt sure about the parachute this week. First she wanted to hold the handle like her friend there by her but then she just wanted to watch it from behind everyone.

Today Rylie and I baked our first batch of Christmas cookies during Remy's nap. I was setting everything out and she held up this Santa cutter and candy cane cutter and said "Look Santa's using the cane to walk!" Love her little imagination!

She really went to town on those cookies!

And loved every minute of it.

Her batch fresh from the oven!

I made myself a little fancy set. I've never done detailed icing on cookies before and always wanted to try it. First of all, I was using the wrong icing so these arent perfect. Second of all, it's so time-consuming. But I loved doing these with Rylie today and to me, nothing says Christmas cookies like some sugar cookies in Christmas shapes with pretty sprinkles!

We've also been so busy this week with all this!
From left-Rylie's ornament for her dance class exchange, treats for her Christmas recital, goody bags for her dance friends, gifts for her dance teachers, Angel Tree presents for her dance studio, treats for Rylie's school Christmas party, gifts for her school teachers, book for her school class exchange, goody bags for Remy's Kindermusik friends, gift for her Kindermusik teacher, and my ornament for my MOPS exchange!! Whew!

Now this weekend I need to make some goodies for these containers for our 10 neighbor friends and Remy's MOPPETs teachers!

Did I mention I've still got pretty much all my Christmas shopping still to do?? Somehow only Rylie's gifts are done and several stocking gifts are bought. But that's all!

And I haven't even ordered Christmas cards yet!! EEEEKK!!
Slow down December please!!

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grandma said...

Love the pics with the girls in their pj's with Santa. Guess Remy has had enough of Santa!! Maybe next year! Love the pics of Rylie on the sled with Santa pulling it??
Glad Dina made it back safely from the North Pole with her new skirt, which is adorable>