Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Remy's 15 Months Old!

We woke up yesterday to a nice cold front! Woohoo! Finally getting to wear outfits for this season!
Rylie was so cute in her coat eating her breakfast.
Then I took Remy to her 15 mo checkup and she was so cute in her sweater, hat, and boots! 

"Really mom?"

Such a cutie!

But she was NOT lovin the boots!

Finally we got called back and she was on a mission to find trouble! She did have to get 3 shots
=( But everything looked great!
Her stats: 22lb 30.5 in
(Rylie was 20lb 31.5 in at this checkup)
Here's more updates since her 1 yr checkup:
Teeth: -^-^^^^-^- (top & bottom) just 4 more to go then 2 yr molars. She is teething again right now so I think soon they'll pop through.
She wears 18 mo clothes and size 5-5.5 wide shoe
She just moved up to size 4 diapers because that's what we already had but she could still wear size 3 too.
Still a great eater! Her favorites are-whole grain blueberry waffles, any kind of yogurt, banana, oatmeal, turkey/cheese sandwich, grapes are a new fav, strawberries, Annies bunny crackers, mandarin oranges, peaches, hot dogs with ketchup, pizza, chicken nuggets, applesauce, and pretty much whatever we eat for dinner! If she sees me eating something, she comes running over wanting a bite. And all we have to say is the word EAT and she comes running saying "Mmm!"
She signs the word "more"
She can say Mama, Dada, byebye, uh oh, Mimi, Gaga, oh boy, si-STAH (sister), ball, apple, up, and trying sometimes to say Rylie and baby. She tries to repeat everything we say to her mostly.
She really loves baby dolls and random things that arent even toys (ie an old telephone, these inflatable microphones Rylie got at a carnival, and the plastic tube from the empty paper dispenser off the calculator. Weirdo!!)
She loves music and dances to it.
She still takes 2 naps a day. Please let it last til May! Each are 1-2 hrs long.
She loves going outside! If she hears "bye bye" she runs to the door and anybody who's going out, she wants to go with them.
I think Daddy and Gaga are her 2 favorite people. She goes all day saying "Gaga Dada."
Hates wearing socks without shoes.
Undresses herself often!
Loves getting baths.
Hates just sitting still (ie in the car when we're stopped, sitting in highchair at restaurant, sitting in my lap to watch sister dance)
That's all I can remember right now!

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~Shelly~ said...

Sweet girl! Gettin so big, hard to believe she is already that old!