Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Happy Rockin' Birthday, Jesus" School Program

 Last night was Rylie's school Christmas program. It was a Rocking Happy Birthday, Jesus theme.
Trying to get pictures of both girls dressed up so pretty!

My big girl. I let her pick out one of mommy's necklaces to wear. She picked out this dress in the store because it looked like "Eloise's."

Rylie and her buddy Logan before the program

Rylie's class walking in. This program is NUTS! There's a TON of people that come to this. I brought both girls an hour before it started and we still could only get seats in the back.

Thankfully I got this new camera lens awhile back so I could zoom WAY in to see Rylie!

Watching the birth of Jesus little act. She was so funny after the program and just talked away about how much she liked Mary's outfit and dressed up around the house as Mary with "baby Jesus" after.

Their program was really cute. I just wish it was better seating/viewing. And I wish there hadnt been a million rude adults standing at the front blocking everyone.

And this was Remy pretty much the whole time. Bow thrown off. Shoes thrown off. TRYING to get those tights off!
After the show we tried ONE MORE TIME for Santa pics....

Yep. Not happening! lol
Rylie's just telling Santa all about what she wants while Remy's having a breakdown.

Pretty Rylie picture with Santa!

"You sure you dont want to sit there Remy?" LOL Drama queen!

On our way out!

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