Sunday, December 23, 2012

Grandaddy and Deedee Christmas

Today we had our Christmas with Grandaddy and Deedee at our house.
As usual, Remy wasnt into the whole photo scene!

Grandaddy and Deedee with their girls

We made some yummy stuffed chickens from a local meat market. We love these! Our fav is the broccoli, cheese, and rice!

Then we exchanged a few gifts!

Remy was happy now!

David and his brother Daniel who joined us as well. We had a good Sunday get together celebrating Christmas with them.
I also wanted to post pictures of our Christmas cards display! I just did this foyer table with our nativity scenes and a few cards that wouldn't fit on our door...

A little closet door in our foyer I just tape all our cards too. I like being able to see them all at once!

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