Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fiesta De Navidad and Last Kindermusik

Saturday Dec 1 David and I went to a Christmas party at his friend Jim's fabulous house.
David's mom took this picture of us all dressed up for it!

Jim's got a pretty awesome house and there were easily 150-200 guests. He called everyone in and had his friend sing to us on the stairs.

Everyone in the living room area listening. David and I are bottom right next to the lamp.

Luckily a photographer went around taking photos because my cell phone died and we didnt bring a camera. The photographer got this shot from a balcony upstairs of David and I talking with some people in one of the many outside seating areas.

The party was a blast. There was homemade taquitos and fajitas, lots of desserts, Mariachi band, open bar, margarita machine, and lots and lots of people to mingle with. We also played games in his huge game room for awhile. Lots of fun Christmas celebrating!
Yesterday was Remy's last Kindermusik class this year. She will attend a Christmas Kindermusik playdate next Wed though that we're looking forward to.

I love seeing her interact with other kids her age and be in her own element. She did GREAT Wed listening and doing all the movements. I was so proud of her!
Here's a cute video of how she dances at almost every song there!
And she always looks so serious there....taking it all in.....deep in thought.

And she got her first certificate after class for finishing this session!

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