Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Do You See What I See?

I finally feel like the sinus crud is gone but I'm still on the prescription until it's finished and it's had me dragging! We've been pretty busy lately too. I had a MOPS girls night out last Friday. Didnt get a one photo from it! Saturday we had our neighborhood Winter festival and I only took pictures of the girls with Santa that I'll save for another post. Then David and I attended an awesome Christmas party at his friends house. My cell phone died there but there was a photographer so I'm waiting on those pictures.
Then I went to a wonderful Christmas tea last night at the church where I attend MOPS!
The theme was "Do You See What I See" and was all about the nativity scene and Jesus's birth.

Each table is set up by a host. My neighbor and friend Dee hosted a table and invited me to hers. She did a great job on her setup!

These were a few of my favorites of other decorations. I wanted to get ideas for doing my dining room table at home and maybe some of yall need ideas too.

Me, Dee, and our neighbor Becky

We sang carols at our table, heard scriptures, and had a great speaker Jane Davis. She painted beautiful paintings of Jesus' birth and they were created in a set called "Meet Me At The Manger."

Dee made an awesome carrot cake too we enjoyed and visited.

Our table-Sharon's mom Donna, Becky, Dee, Me, Sharon and her friend Melinda

Me and Sharon
So glad I got to attend this again this year. It's something I look forward to and is such a fun night out with good neighbors/friends and very inspiring! Puts me in the Christmas spirit a little more.

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